Toutei, an inn with Japanese elegance, is located on Iritahama,
one of Japan's most beautiful beaches.

Located on a cove off of the road, "Hamabe no Yado Toutei" is a small inn with 13 rooms.

It is right next to the beautiful white sand beach, Iritahma.
From the rooms, enjoy a spectacular view, and hear the sound of the waves crashing from the blue ocean.

Relaxing by doing nothing, where there is nothing to do.
Have a relaxing moment where time is luxurious.
Enjoy a Japanese beach resort, with lots of privacy.

Enjoy seafood Kaiseki cuisine in your room while looking out to the ocean.

To ensure that our guests can relax at Irita from the bottom of their hearts, we reserve ourselves from excessive hospitality, while also not removing ourselves completely.

We pride ourselves when guests comment "I didn't do anything, but I feel completely satisfied".

Color the seasons
We are committed to promoting the Izu way and Toutei way.
Monthly Kaiseki cuisine, made from ingredients that complement the experience.

We are committed to using food only from within a 60km radius, and cook with our hearts. Toutei's dishes are Japanese cuisine that uses seasonal ingredients, and cherishes the final taste of the cuisine. Centered in Shimoda, we use fish and seasonal vegetables from within a 60km radiius of the Izu peninsula, and strive to provide truly delicious meals. While you relax in your room, we will carefully bring each dish to your room, hot food while still hot, and cold food while still cold.

Our promise is to provide dishes that use food only from within a 60km radius of Izu Shimoda, so most of the ingredients are Shizuoka prefecture products. In particular, we serve minced jack mackerel hot pot, kinmedai sugatani, and kinmedai kohaku yose. Locally sourced food has a gentle taste. We infuse the emotions of the vegetable farmers and fishermen in our dishes. Shizuoka prefecture, home to Suruga bay, which has Japan's deepest oceans, is a treasure trove of marine products and food. We arrange Shizuoka prefecture's local cuisines in a modern fashion, and provide unique ways for our guests to enjoy the dishes.

Healing waters
Sure to conjure distant memories of summertime.

An elegant, relaxing big bath with the warm wood surface is made from ancient cypress and Izu stone. A lovely outdoor bath, constructed in a tsubo garden-style rock building, with sunlight filtering through the leaves.

Open 24 hours.It may not be a very large bath, but because there are few rooms and limited guests, we believe that you can bathe at ease. At 10 PM, the men and women's baths switch, so you can enjoy 2 different types of baths.
*Cleaning period between 11 AM and 1 PM.

(Spring Quality)Simple hot spring
(Efficacy)Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, motor paralysis, chronic digestive disease, excessive sensitivity to cold, illness recovery period, fatigue recovery
(Symptoms Prohibited From Bathing)Acute illness (especially fevers), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disease, heart disease (for hot baths (over 42℃)), hemorrhagic diseases, advanced anemia, advanced arterial sclerosis (hot baths), hypertension (hot baths), other general diseases in progression, pregnancy (especially early and late stages)

All rooms have an ocean view.
A space where you can only hear the sound of the waves.

From all 13 guest rooms, you can view the white sandy beach and clear blue ocean. It is a view so beautiful that you can just stare at it forever without thinking about anything. Enjoy the pleasures of not doing anything to your heart's content.

Transportation guide

*Click the "+" and "-" icons on the lower right corner of the map to view close in/out.

Hamabe no Yado Toutei Izu Shimoda, Iritahama
Address: 〒415-0028 Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimoda-shi, Kisami 348-7
Telephone: 0558-22-3450
Closest station: Izu Kyuko line Izukyu Shimoda station
(Access by train)
By Shinkansen, it is approximately 140 minutes from Tokyo station.
(Courtesy car information)
*From Izukyu Shimoda station, beginning with the train arriving at 13:29, we provide a shuttle bus until 17:00.
*Reservation only. Please contact beforehand.

●From Narita Airport (Approximately 3 hours 20 minutes)
Narita Airport (Narita Express) → Tokyo Station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen) → Atami Station (Izu Kyuko) → Izukyu Shimoda Station (shuttle bus) → Toutei

●From Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (Approximately 4 hours 10 minutes)
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (bus) → Shizuoka Station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen) → Atami Station (Izu Kyuko) → Izukyu Shimoda Station (shuttle bus) → Toutei

●From Kansai Airport (Approximately 6 hours 40 minutes)
Kansai Airport → Shin Osaka station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen) → Atami Station (Izu Kyuko) → Izukyu Shimoda Station (shuttle bus) → Toutei



Make a reservation

〒415-0028 Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimoda-shi, Kisami 348-7 TEL:0558-22-3450

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